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A visit to the temple

I visited Hindu Temple, Burnaby today on the auspicious occasion of Maha Shivratri. I was highly impressed though not surprised by all the precautions and Covid protocol following the temple staff and volunteers were effectively carrying out so that the devotees could perform their rituals and prayers, carefree of any…

Valentine’s Day at 35+ or -10.C

So officially the world’s ‘Love Day’ has begun almost everywhere in the world now ……… HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY to you all!! As soon as February begins people suddenly start feeling that ‘love’ is in the air and that they need to ‘catch’ it. I haven’t understood whether they ‘catch’ it…

Uttarayan/Makar Sankranti/Lohri

Lohri/Uttarayan/Pongal/ Bihu or Sankranti is our own Indian Harvest Festival that blesses people in India with the cornucopia of harvested crops of various seeds like Sesame (teel), grains -Millets like Jowar, Fruits like Ber (Indian Jujubes), sugarcane and vegetables like variety of beans, purple yams. For me Sankranti celebration always…

Merry Christmas 2020!!

This year every day that you lived and are living is a present for you!! Every day of worries, anxiety, fear and health, laughter, happiness, and thankfulness, if you lived it at home, away from hospitals, is a present for you. Every plate full of warm food, every bowl of…

Khana Mexicana (Mexican Food)

Kasme waade pyaar wafa I remembered this Gaana And broke the promise I made to myself and once again made khana Mexicana Veggies, guac, refried beans, Mexican rice All set on the table looking very nice While making all this haalat ho gayi mucho ‘marrito’ Just then ‘Piyaa morè’ remembered…


Navratri……. For me Navratri is not limited only to worshipping womanhood!! It takes me down the memory lane where there’s enough excitement even before Navratri to get prepped with Chaniya Choli, sarees, bangles, earrings, necklaces, everything matching something contrasting, for Garba Nights! In that memory lane after the above mentioned…
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My name is Sonal Nagawkar. I live in  the beautiful city of Vancouver, BC, Canada with a loving husband and adorable kids.

Writing, cooking,  outdoorsy life and traveling are some of my passions. 

I like to connect with people, their lives, their thoughts, their emotions and their experiences through one of my passions; Writing. 

I am making a humble attempt to pen my thoughts on here in this blog

I hope to really “Pamper” you; my ‘Readers” through my words. 

Enjoy this blog!!


My services

I provide freelance contracting services :

Content Writer & Proof Reader


Canadian Certified Teacher of English and Elementary level French




Content Writer

Business, marketing & advertising

I write content and texts promote your business, propagate any message for social or cultural activities and events. 

I also provide proof reading services for your write-ups to advertise your product and/or websites.


Teaching - English & French

Certified Teacher in the canadian provice of British columbia and Ontario

English, ESL & Elementary level French

Teaching children to to read, comprehend and write in English & Basic French upto grade 5 .  

You can contact me for any reading related homework that your child needs help with.

I also teach non-native English speakers to effectively communicate in English.