Thank you Gulabjamun!!

It was an ordinary Tuesday, nothing special about it this time. Recently I have started volunteering in the Hindu Temple kitchen on Tuesdays whenever I am free in the evenings. Most of my volunteering work includes either helping in the… Read More »Thank you Gulabjamun!!


I grew up with two very strong, kind, thoughtful and extremely loving father figures. One was my dad and the other was my maternal grandpa, my Nanaji. I can’t pen down everything that they did for us, but just picking… Read More »HAPPY FATHER’S DAY


Happy Mother’s Day to all the mommies in the world, to all the motherly figures in the world and to all the women who have kindness and love in their hearts!! Today everyone’s phones will be flooded with Mother’s Day… Read More »HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY

Hello Spring 2021

Once again the earth adorned herself with beautiful garments and jewels of colourful flowers that delight us with the most beautiful views in every nook, corner, alley and street possible. The mesmerizing beauty that Lady Spring brings forth every year,… Read More »Hello Spring 2021

A visit to the temple

I visited Hindu Temple, Burnaby today on the auspicious occasion of Maha Shivratri. I was highly impressed though not surprised by all the precautions and Covid protocol following the temple staff and volunteers were effectively carrying out so that the… Read More »A visit to the temple