A visit to the temple

I visited Hindu Temple, Burnaby today on the auspicious occasion of Maha Shivratri. I was highly impressed though not surprised by all the precautions and Covid protocol following the temple staff and volunteers were effectively carrying out so that the devotees could perform their rituals and prayers, carefree of any worries.

The temple visit definitely felt different and it was overwhelmingly emotional to realize that we still can’t mingle with people as we did almost a year ago.

I remembered clearly how Maha Shivratri was the last festive occasion that was celebrated in the temple in 2020 before the world found itself grappled in the clutches of a pandemic. Holi celebration was canceled and after March break we were forced to learn, study and work from home.

It’s been almost a year, we have come a long way through this pandemic. From utter fear, anxiety, helplessness and loneliness….. here we are already talking about the vaccines being rolled out for most of the seniors and health care workers in most of the countries of the world! From not being able to see the light at the end of the tunnel to being able to see the silver lining around the cloud, here we are, walked through the Covid positive numbers, death tolls, tears, prayers, virtual hugs, homely Diwali, Christmas and New Years’ Eve, sending children to school with anxiety, not being able to visit far off families….. here we are, we have survived!!

Black and White and Brown together walking armed with masks and sanitizers, and now the vaccines too, here we are, with the spring being here and the hopes to return to ‘Our Normal’ from the ‘New Normal’ We are still not out of the woods, but I just felt extremely hopeful today, may be it’s the spring, may be it’s the announcement by Little Miss Bonnie that 10 people are allowed to meet outdoors😃or may be it’s just feeling a tad spiritually inclined on today’s day, all this effectively made me feel hopeful!! I just hope and pray that may Lord Shiva bless us all to see a completely pandemic free world sooner than we could imagine.

Om Namaha Shivaay!!