The whole world knows that Diwali is a Festival of Lights! But most people who have celebrated Diwali for generations together acknowledge that Diwali is not just the Festival of Lights but has much more to its meaning.

Diwali becomes a festival of hope and victory when in Ramayana we read about a beloved prince Ram returning on this very day to his kingdom, to his people. It’s the hope that had been kept alive for 14 long years by the people of Ayodhya to see their righteous ruler return to his kingdom. It is the festival of victory because Sri Ram returned home victorious after defeating Ravana.

Diwali is a festival of faith. A faithful offering is made to Goddess Laxmi, the Goddess of Wealth, the wife of Vishnu – the God who is the reason and ultimate destiny of our existence. The worship of Goddess Laxmi is not only to gain wealth but also to understand various forms in which Laxmi can exist with us …… dhan, dhaanya, arogya, parivar, gnyan, dhyan,etc. Our scriptures also mention Alaxmi, the wealth earned through corrupt means. Our sages have guided our lives and advised us to avoid such wealth, such form of Alaxmi.

It’s not just a festival of spirituality and worship but much more.

It’s the festival of recipes and cuisines, aroma and colours, shine and shimmer, family and friends. It’s a festival of laddoos and barfis,

flowers and Rangolis, sarees and kurtas, gold and silver, music and fireworks.

It’s this festival when (specifically in India) we show more generosity to our household helps, to our chauffeurs, to our watchmen, to the trash collector, even to the postman. It’s a festival of giving.

It has all the components of materialistic pleasures along with deep philosophical and spiritual understanding.

For me it’s the festival for family and friends.

It’s the festival for making some special foods and my favourite Rangoli. Making Rangoli is my passion and this year too like every year I am presenting you my signature style of making a Rangoli in a tray. This year presenting a lamp and strings of lights with petite lanterns.

Shubh Diwali and Saal Mubarak 🪔

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