Happy Mother’s Day to all the mommies in the world, to all the motherly figures in the world and to all the women who have kindness and love in their hearts!!

Today everyone’s phones will be flooded with Mother’s Day messages, reminding everyone of the love, sacrifice, kindness, dedication, fierceness, and innumerable motherly characteristics that most of us are lucky to have been showered with!

So today I want to dedicate this post to my mommy by being grateful to her for everything but out of that ‘Everything’ there’s one very very special series of events and ‘Gift’ she gave me, that I would love to elaborate here!

It’s spring here and most of us have kids who are either learning to bike or have mastered this skill some summers back and off they go on their bikes all over the parks and neighbourhoods. Now you will wonder what’s the connection of biking and the ‘Gift’ that my mommy gave me that I am so grateful about.

When I was a little girl, for some odd unexplained reasons I completely missed out on learning how to ride a bicycle 🚴🙈 As the time passed there was not much need felt to learn the bike as we in our teens went most to the places on foot, or scooter ride with dad and uncle or apni favourite auto-Rikshaw and City bus was always there.

I grew up as a bike-less child sometimes feeling the remorse of not having learnt it but mostly feeling grateful and even proud that I never fractured a bone or lost a tooth in the attempt 🤪🤣

School years changed to college years, to my post graduate years to finishing my teacher’s training. I was now an educated, young woman out in the world working and being as independent as I could, but still bike-less or should I now say Kinetic-Honda less or no Scooty 🛵 for my booty 😂🤣kinda young woman.

Eventually my job search led to a job teaching students aspiring to crack MBA entrance exams. The only problem with this job was that I had to commute 15 KMS daily and that too thrice a week my classes would get over at 8:45pm. Changing two buses, to and fro made this commute tiresome and sometimes even frustrating with weirdos in the bus at odd hours.

That’s when my mom stepped in!! She found an advertisement in the local news papaver of a driving school run by a woman who would teach you….,.. hold on…. not only Car driving but also Two-Wheeler driving!!

“Pagal hai kya? Tu Scooty seekhne ke paise degi?” Was all my friends’ reaction when I told them that my mom was suggesting that I should take these lessons. All my friends and extended families had a hearty laugh knowing that I would travel same distance as my work and go and pay to learn something that they had mastered for free as children.

But my mom said, all these people will laugh and no one will spare any time to teach you these lessons that she regretted not teaching me as a child!

And off I went to learn ‘Two -Wheeler’ driving!

First time at the driving school I rode that Bajaj Sunny how many of you remember that scooteret? (Ok I feel old now 🙈) I was on cloud nine!!

I was riding it so fast that after I finished my round my instructor, Anjali Ma’am ( she was an Angel armed with a Sunny and a machine less Luna, on which she taught us to balance) told me ‘Oh Jhansi ki Rani mat bano’ 🤪

Thanks to my mom I learnt how to ride a scooter, then started riding my cousin’s bicycle, and later I bought a Scooty and started commuting without the fear of being alone on a bus, or without the worries of walking home late from a bus stop.

The proudest moments were when I would take my mom on Scooty for running errands, or do all the jobs for her with that scooty.

Here also I love riding my bike and every time I ride it I thank my mom.

Moms are truly super heroes, where they can’t help their kids themselves they find resources to do the same!!

I am sure all of you have these very special stories and specific things to be thankful for!!

Happy Mother’s Day to all the super heroes.

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