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It’s raining beautifully today. I know I might be one of the very few coo-coo ladieswho loves rains in the midst of summer. So today my 7 year old daughter and her friend, age 10 were just hanging out under the porch that leads to the courtyard. I was sitting…


Just reflecting upon reflections that nature brings our way! One of the elements of nature, probably the most important one, the most giving one and the most living one; Water, teaches us that the more your mind is still, clearer the reflections are! Sunday stroll by the Sasamat Lake turned…

Father’s Day 2020!

Everyone knows it’s Fathers Day today! I am sincerely hoping that most of you are celebrating it in some way or the other. Even if tough times like the Pandemic might have washed out your plans to celebrate this day, you might still be doing the gesture of calling your…

Wedding Anniversary 2020!

15 years eh?! 15 years of “You are lucky to have married me, koi aur hota toh pata chalta!” type of exchanges from both sides. We are here and we know secretly ‘ki sach mein koi aur hota toh pata chalta’. I don’t know why they start associating 25 plus…

Unknown Flowers

The ever magical nature paints every nook and corner of this beautiful earth with something exotically beautiful if you let it flourish. I see this espresso brown weed with these delicate yellow flowers every spring, standing proud and tall among the rocks. The butterscotch yellow reminds me of the yellow…

Vadaa Paav yuuummmmm!

If you grew up in Maharashtra, India or had family and friends there, or went to college in any city there, chances are you might have devoured tens or hundreds of Vada Paav in your life and will reminisce it quite often. This street food has been an absolutely sumptuous…
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My name is Sonal Nagawkar. I live in  the beautiful city of Vancouver, BC, Canada with a loving husband and adorable kids.

Writing, cooking,  outdoorsy life and traveling are some of my passions. 

I like to connect with people, their lives, their thoughts, their emotions and their experiences through one of my passions; Writing. 

I am making a humble attempt to pen my thoughts on here in this blog

I hope to really “Pamper” you; my ‘Readers” through my words. 

Enjoy this blog!!


My services

I provide freelance contracting services :

Content Writer & Proof Reader


Canadian Certified Teacher of English and Elementary level French




Content Writer

Business, marketing & advertising

I write content and texts promote your business, propagate any message for social or cultural activities and events. 

I also provide proof reading services for your write-ups to advertise your product and/or websites.


Teaching - English & French

Certified Teacher in the canadian provice of British columbia and Ontario

English, ESL & Elementary level French

Teaching children to to read, comprehend and write in English & Basic French upto grade 5 .  

You can contact me for any reading related homework that your child needs help with.

I also teach non-native English speakers to effectively communicate in English.