Ganesha Visarjan- Ganesha Idol Immersion into water.

This post is for all my fellow Indian friends living in Canada. To be honest even other friends living in Australia, USA and the UK can read this humble request.

Today I am writing this post as a humble request to everyone. Since Ganeshotsav is around the corner I want to request everyone to be careful and mindful about immersing Lord Ganesha’s idols. I am assuming most of the people who follow the tradition of bringing or ‘inviting’ Ganesha at home and then ‘immersing’ the idol in some water body bring Clay Ganesha.

Even if your Ganesha Idol is made of clay please please do not immerse it in natural waters around you. It’s illegal and uncalled for attention and fine from the authorities. Even if you plan to immerse the clay idol without anyone noticing it, you are still committing a crime. I assume most of the people take their children who are resident or citizen or future citizens of this beautiful country along with them and it’s a bad example that you would be setting as an adult if you are immersing the idol secretively.

We all have come to this beautiful country BY CHOICE! We have made an adult, conscious and responsible decision of moving to the beautiful White North, our Canada. We have brought our culture, traditions and religious rituals to this country which has accepted us. It’s our duty that we follow those rituals mindfully without harming the natural elements around us.

You can immerse the idol in a bucket and water the plants or you can simply use same idol over and over again or simply use a beetle nut (supari) as an Idol.

But please do not immerse the idols in natural waters.

Even in India people are doing mindful immersion. We definitely can do the same here. After all we are educated adults capable of making right decisions for our country in which we live and also for our native country- India; which we do not want to be defamed.

Wishing you happiness and wisdom for this festive season!