Hello Spring 2021

Once again the earth adorned herself with beautiful garments and jewels of colourful flowers that delight us with the most beautiful views in every nook, corner, alley and street possible. The mesmerizing beauty that Lady Spring brings forth every year, every single year without fail, without delay, without skipping any of her turn is just so divine yet so earthy.

Any form of pure science whether it’s physics, biology or geology explains that it’s but natural for the new leaves and flowers to bud when the earth, specifically in our case the Northern Hemisphere starts warming itself up after the March Solstice. The sun’s heat, the germination, the pollination, everything makes trees, plants and shrubs bear flowers and new leaves.

And our Emotional Quotient also gets heightened when we find ourselves in the bliss of warm sunny days that make our part of the world look festive with tremendously vibrant hues of spring that urge us to be happy, to be thankful, to feel blessed despite of any personal or universal challenges that we might be going through………..and this bliss is there just because it’s Spring!!!

No wonder most of the calendars across the world begin with onset of spring, because it symbolizes new beginnings. Even in earlier Roman Calendar March and April were the first two months of the year, why and how it changed is altogether another topic to read about.Warmer sunny days, brighter flora, and cheerful people, and the calendar marked with Easter and Gudhi Padwa/ Chaitri Chander that’s what defines Spring for me!! I loved clicking pictures of the crocuses, daffodils, Cherry blossoms, magnolias, hyacinths, zinnias, etc.

One of which I am happy to share with you all! But trust me my friends nothing, not even the worlds best camera or the best picture can beat seeing these beauties with your own eyes! So my friends, enjoy spring while it lasts and while doing so stay safe.

Happy Spring!!

Vasant ki Shubhkaamayein!!

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