Valentine’s Day at 35+ or -10.C

So officially the world’s ‘Love Day’ has begun almost everywhere in the world now ……… HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY to you all!!

As soon as February begins people suddenly start feeling that ‘love’ is in the air and that they need to ‘catch’ it. I haven’t understood whether they ‘catch’ it for the lover or from the lover, but the fairer sex seems to enjoy it more than the one with the beards! 😀To be honest I feel that love like any other flu is always in the air, but you only catch it in a particular season, in this case you feel progressively falling in love till exactly the 14th of Feb. The Feb 14th is when your symptoms of ‘Love Fever’ are at its peak, and you are either showered with or powered with a dozen single stem roses, or another gift, or some jewellery. Once the clock strikes and changes the date from 14th to 15th Feb, this love fever disappears without any medicines or vaccines till next year 😆

I was speaking with someone I know, he is only 28 and told me that he has plans for Valentine’s Day! I was about to ask “Oh when’s that! 😱🤔😆! Thank God I didn’t open my mouth, and no I didn’t intend to ask the day but the date lol 😂 Aahh that age 20s…… or early 30s like just before 31 😂😆 Those are the days eh!! Either you are seeking love, or you are newly in love, and you want to make a big fuss of the V – day! There’s unusual high heartbeats, excitement, rosy cheeks blushed into crimson, beautiful outfits, impeccable make up or perfectly well kept hair. Lots of possible combinations of may be a walk by the lake, or a long drive, or a fancy dinner and probably even passionate love making!

And then there’s 35!! 😝 After 35 it’s all the same for all of us, each and everyone of us!! Let me explain this with an example of weather. Those of you who have ever lived in very very cold winters, once the mercury hits -10 degrees Celsius it doesn’t matter whether one day it’s -15, -18 or -22……. it’s just cold 🥶 brrrrrr! So 35 in regards to V-Day celebration is our -10 😂 We might even forget that it’s the universal ‘Love Day’. Sometimes a sunny day might also have -15. That sunny break is when one of the post 35 aged couple remembers the V-Day and wishes to the partner,” Oh by the way Happy Valentine’s Day”😃

But wait…… please don’t misinterpret that 35 is the beginning of the end of feeling in love. It’s actually quite the opposite . I think it’s rather the reassuring of being in love, of having been stayed in love, of having secured true love that doesn’t need a certificate of assurance. From 30 onwards till 35, being in love is like that amalgamation of raw mango and spices, soaked in oil in a crystal clear glass jar, bathing in sun and becoming stronger day by day to have emerged as a perfect pickle. Isn’t love like pickle, longer it stays stronger it becomes or stronger it becomes longer it stays!!

35 onwards love becomes like that strong rock that faces all kinds of weatherings, all kinds of winds, rains, storms, sunshine and it emerges forming its own shape, reformed but undestroyed.

Love doesn’t depend on expression. But I also feel that though love doesn’t need recognition, at the same time it doesn’t hurt to recognize something as special as love. So whether you celebrate your Valentine’s Day in full fervour with a teenager’s zeal and achieve the whole 9 yards or you just sit home and watch a movie with chai and popcorn with your loved one, it’s your love that you are celebrating the way you both like it!!

Seize the day, the way you and your love likes it! Happy Valentine’s Day my Cupid 💘 struck fellow earthlings!!