Merry Christmas 2020!!

This year every day that you lived and are living is a present for you!!

Every day of worries, anxiety, fear and health, laughter, happiness, and thankfulness, if you lived it at home, away from hospitals, is a present for you.

Every plate full of warm food, every bowl of frozen treats, every hour of board games, every episode of binge watched shows, every 45 minutes of Zoom calls with family and friends, all the failures of baking home made bread, or successful home oven freshly baked pizza, every sip of Dalgona coffee and thinking, yeh toh fenti hui coffe hi hai, all this if you lived and experienced with your family is a present for you.

On Christmas Eve exactly one week short of finishing 2020, I am still thankful for the days and nights I spent with family and friends.

This year many of us might have experienced irreparable losses, emergency calls form family, attending a funeral, news of our favourite celebrities dying, and strangers grappling with the Pandemic.

In such testing times if you could hold a grieving friend, if you could pick up a call and talk to your friend thousands of miles away and tell them that it’s ok, this too shall pass, if you could congratulate a friend for a new baby or a new house, if you were kind with techno-challenged class teacher of your kid who was desperately trying to make it work, if you could hold that elevator door for a mother with a stroller, for an old person with groceries despite the pandemic and masks and sanitizers, if you clapped at 7:00 pm for essential service providers, for our Covid warriors; if you have been in one or many of these roles, trust me you were a ‘gift’ a ‘present’ to a lot of people more than you could have imagined.

I just hope that the Pandemic gets over soon and you, and I, and all of us continue to be KIND and continue to be ‘Presents’ in lives of our family, friends, neighbors, and even perfect strangers!!

Merry Christmas my friends!!