Father’s Day 2020!

Everyone knows it’s Fathers Day today! I am sincerely hoping that most of you are celebrating it in some way or the other.

Even if tough times like the Pandemic might have washed out your plans to celebrate this day, you might still be doing the gesture of calling your dad and wishing him showing your gratitude and appreciation for all the love, sometimes tough love 😀, sacrifices, purposeful challenges😅, and strict but extreme caring gestures that your father has been showering upon you.

Trust me you are very very lucky if you are living with your dad today under the same roof, or if you are planning to spend your day with him today.

If you are far from him, you and he both might miss each other, but you are still lucky to have been able to call him and hear his voice, take his blessings, pretend to like his jokes and have that hearty laugh, or go down the memory lane and tease him for something silly he did, listen to him chide you even today for your nonsensical behaviour, hear his voice become serious with some advice or sense him hiding his tears ‘coz he misses you and can’t be with you.

But if you are someone like me; who can’t even hear her father’s voice, can’t even text or pick up the phone and say “I miss you” , you are still fortunate, coz you still have memories to cling on to.

I still remember those days when my dad bought me a beautiful notebook so that I could write my poems in it. I still remember those days, when my dad sent me to the farther college despite of the cost of commute so that I could get best education in the town. I still remember those mornings when he would make us all go for morning walks in summer holidays so that we stayed fit. That train journey between Nasik and Mumbai where it was just the two of us and he wanted to make sure I am happy after being newlywed.

I can’t even mention all the things he did for me….. the list will be too long. Whatever little time he got with my son he made sure to love him unconditionally, to take him out on rides, to get his first hair cut, to pack idlis before the flight so that he doesn’t stay hungry.

The last time I bid him bye at the airport was the final goodbye and I wasn’t even remotely aware of it.

I miss him everyday. Missed him for all the lovely occasions and milestones in our lives. I would give anything in the world just to see him, just to hear his voice.

So my friends, if you can still talk to your dad, still meet him, still spend time with him; do it more often, talk with him, laugh with him, cry with him, even argue and later on make up with him; ‘coz one day you would be left with just memories!!

To all the people whose dads are here, and whose dads are in Heaven watching over you from there; Happy Fathers Day!!