Side Effects of Valentine’s Day

Most people believe February is the month of love, or atleast they manage to pull it off to stay in love or pretend to be in love till February 14th😀. Some brave hearts even try to extend the feeling or pretence of feeling beyond February 14th too 🤔🙄!

Whether you are really in love, or pretending to be in love, or making someone jealous, or making sure that your partner won’t elope with anyone else😆or whether it’s a combination of all of these that you are holding your partner’s hand; please please be mindful that don’t hold hands and walk on narrow pathways from where hurried children are walking to school with their agitated parents who would scream murder if you blocked their way!!

Please don’t hold hands and walk frolicking in over crowded malls. The heart shaped balloons, the over flooding chocolate stores, the flower shops with bouquets that come with some plastic red heart shape attached to them, might put you in ‘love’ induced; (read retail industry induced😜) coma. But the reality is you are not in coma.

You are not a part of Bollywood movie songs, you are not the only people in love, even if you were; a shopping mall with a huge grocery store is not your Tulip garden, not your Yash Raj’s mustard seed field of love to show your affection; it’s a freaking mall!!!

Well my point is, please be mindful that love is in air and so are it’s by-products like babies, toddlers, children and other grown human being😂

Please don’t hold hands and walk when your holding hands can be a pain in other people’s butt, knees, legs, and head😆

There are lovely parks, lonely trails, waterside boardwalks to hold hands and walk, if that’s a huge expression of love and affection for you.

Don’t test a polite mother’s patience who is pushing her stroller, keeping up with her toddler and in rush to pick up another child from school, or just going about her chores in the grocery store.

The reason I am writing this post is that today I saw a mom almost fall when she was trying to go through a narrow path blocked by two adults holding hands and walking slowly completely inconsiderate to this woman.

Love should make you more mindful than selfish!