Khana Mexicana (Mexican Food)

Kasme waade pyaar wafa I remembered this Gaana

And broke the promise I made to myself and once again made khana Mexicana 🇲🇽

Veggies, guac, refried beans, Mexican rice

All set on the table looking very nice

While making all this haalat ho gayi mucho ‘marrito’

Just then ‘Piyaa morè’ remembered Mucho Burrito🌯🤨😠

I was about to deport him Down South

And was about to open my big mouth

Look dude if this is not enough: paav bhaji, biryani, paneer tikka

Go find yourself a Mexican chica

My divine thoughts were interrupted by ‘piyaa morè’

When he said ‘yeh Burrito, Mucho Burrito ko peechhe chore’

And I was ofcourse grinning from ear to ear 😁

And decided to make khana Mexicana 4 times a year! 😃

After the sumptuous meal when I saw the pile of dishes

I told myself ‘hatao morè piyaa ki wishes!🤪😆

Once again I thought will not make khana Mexicana !!!😂

Chahe koi bhi yaad aaye mujhe gaana 🎤🎧

Thanks for reading my Desi drama with Mexican Masala

Piya morè se shaam ki chaay ka waada karwa daala 😜☕️

Hope the story and the picture attached of my ‘ufff intni saari mehanet’ intrigues you all!!