Vadaa Paav yuuummmmm!

If you grew up in Maharashtra, India or had family and friends there, or went to college in any city there, chances are you might have devoured tens or hundreds of Vada Paav in your life and will reminisce it quite often.

This street food has been an absolutely sumptuous and quite a filling, inexpensive snack to gobble between meals, while returning from coaching classes or college, for that quick inexpensive date with your crush, for a mandatory stop before heading to sight seeing with family, for bringing in loads of it for house party when your cousin returned from overseas, or sometimes just like that for no reason on a rainy evening!!

Whatever the reason this street food is close to heart for many people that I know. This time’s Vada Paav preparation not only included the mandatory dry chutney, tamarind chutney, fried chillies and of course Chai without which the whole spread would be incomplete, but also home made fresh out of oven Paav (Dinner Rolls).

All made from scratch!