It’s raining beautifully today. I know I might be one of the very few coo-coo ladies🤪who loves rains in the midst of summer.

So today my 7 year old daughter and her friend, age 10 were just hanging out under the porch that leads to the courtyard. I was sitting there watching them and these chatty girls start discussing which promise is really worthy.

My 7 year old, ” Pinky Swear is really important. You can never break that promise!”

10 year old, ” Naa! Cross my heart, and hope to die is the biggest promise.”

😂😆Hahaha I couldn’t stop myself laughing out loud.

I thought of sharing this and still grinning ear to ear wondering when and how does this innocence just disappears in the sky of life like the smoke and smell of an incense stick.

Now as I am still typing this, I hear these two girls singing songs from the movie Frozen 2, in high pitch, most un melodious happy voices, making the people wonder when will this mania stop. Won’t be surprised if I hear one of the residents yell ‘stoppppp you two’ lol!

I really wonder how long will this sweet, confident, extremely joyful, carefree childhood last?

Before it changes, I am here witnessing these girls and holding them in a tight hug in my thoughts and hoping that may all girls stay happy and grow into as confident and happy young women as they are when they are little.