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Thank you Gulabjamun!!

It was an ordinary Tuesday, nothing special about it this time. Recently I have started volunteering in the Hindu Temple kitchen on Tuesdays whenever I am free in the evenings. Most of my volunteering work includes either helping in the kitchen or standing behind the food counter serving food to…


To strong mothers who raise strong daughters…… Two tight slaps were lashed on the cheeks of an eight year old girl inside her own grandfather’s restaurant by the angry mother of that 8 year old. It was a partially cloudy day in the end of month of September when the…


The whole world knows that Diwali is a Festival of Lights! But most people who have celebrated Diwali for generations together acknowledge that Diwali is not just the Festival of Lights but has much more to its meaning. Diwali becomes a festival of hope and victory when in Ramayana we…


I grew up with two very strong, kind, thoughtful and extremely loving father figures. One was my dad and the other was my maternal grandpa, my Nanaji. I can’t pen down everything that they did for us, but just picking up some small but significant memories from my memory lane.…


To flowers , sunshine and friendship…… The earth revolved around the sun and brought us brighter, warmer, longer and in short more cheerful days, making us go out there enjoy sprawling lawns dotted with a plethora of wild tiny daisies and dandelions!! I love how Wordsworth used the word ‘Host’…


Happy Mother’s Day to all the mommies in the world, to all the motherly figures in the world and to all the women who have kindness and love in their hearts!! Today everyone’s phones will be flooded with Mother’s Day messages, reminding everyone of the love, sacrifice, kindness, dedication, fierceness,…
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My name is Sonal Nagawkar. I live in  the beautiful city of Vancouver, BC, Canada with a loving husband and adorable kids.

Writing, cooking,  outdoorsy life and traveling are some of my passions. 

I like to connect with people, their lives, their thoughts, their emotions and their experiences through one of my passions; Writing. 

I am making a humble attempt to pen my thoughts on here in this blog

I hope to really “Pamper” you; my ‘Readers” through my words. 

Enjoy this blog!!


My services

I provide freelance contracting services :

Content Writer & Proof Reader


Canadian Certified Teacher of English and Elementary level French




Content Writer

Business, marketing & advertising

I write content and texts promote your business, propagate any message for social or cultural activities and events. 

I also provide proof reading services for your write-ups to advertise your product and/or websites.


Teaching - English & French

Certified Teacher in the canadian provice of British columbia and Ontario

English, ESL & Elementary level French

Teaching children to to read, comprehend and write in English & Basic French upto grade 5 .  

You can contact me for any reading related homework that your child needs help with.

I also teach non-native English speakers to effectively communicate in English.